Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Important People of the American Revolution

We have looked at the causes of the Revolution and we have looked at the differences between the Loyalists and the Patriots. Now, we need to look at the war itself. We are going to do a couple of things with this lesson.

First, I want both of you to go through the years of the timeline that is linked here and look at the important events for the war.

Second, once you have a basic idea of the important events I then want you to pick a person to study. I want you to choose different people. In other words, Haley will have one person, Kevin another, and Kalin a different person. You can pick from this list that is linked here.

Third, you will now research this person. I would use your Encarta kids to do this.

Finally, you will create a spoke diagram of your person. The diagram should have that person's background information, what they did in the war, and why they were important to the American Revolution. You will use a program called to do this. This is free. When you save it, save the picture to the desktop and then you can email it to me at Haley, you will need to help your brother with this.

Once you have sent me your diagram, I want you to come back to this blog and leave me a few sentences about:
1. What did you like about this lesson?
2. What was the most important thing you learned?
3. What was the most interesting thing you learned?
4. Would you want a similar assignment in the future?

Have fun! :-)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ok... The first assignment didn't go so well

Dear Haley, Kalin, and Kevin,

Here is the second assignment that should work better. Please click on the word "Patriot" and complete the challenge. Be sure to click the words that are underlined. These are quick links that give you definitions. After completing the challenge, respond to this blog site and answer the following questions:

1. What did you like or dislike about the challenge?
2. Was it easy to go through the challenge?
3. Finally, after doing the challenge which one would you have been during the Revolution? A Patriot or a Loyalist? Please tell me why you would be a Patriot or Loyalist.

Good luck!! I hope you enjoy.